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New Year, Same Resolutions

Almost every year, I truly look forward to this moment. This moment where I set out exactly what it is I want to accomplish when it comes to my writing and personal goals.

Looking back at 2019, I wanted to have my first draft completed, start editing, and by this time I wanted it in the hands of critique partners and beta readers. I can safely say, that plan went to shit! I also wanted to eat healthier (I am laughing as I type this), drink more water, and read 50 books.

I did not achieve any of those goals. I learned a lot for sure, but actually having concrete evidence of accomplishing those goals is sadly nonexistent. However, through many trials and errors when it came to making and working towards these goals, I realized that you have to go easy on yourself. A lot happened this past year that deterred me from doing many things. I graduated uni, got married, got a brand new job in a field I’ve never worked in, and had many personal and family related issues come up, not to mention my mental health was put through the ringer twice over. I am thankful and surprised I even made it this far.

And that’s the only way to think about it. To be happy and grateful for having the opportunity to meet a new year head on and get back into the grind of things. Otherwise, I drive myself mad wondering why I didn’t push harder, fight harder, or work harder.

Realistically, any goal is doable. It depends on how much effort and drive you have to accomplishing it. But the best goals are manageable ones. Ones tailored to you specifically, so you end up completing them either way. It’s also recommended, and completely normal to adjust these goals every so often and renew them a couple times during the year and not just at the start.

So, without further ado…

In 2020:

1) Have my first draft completed. That’s it. Complete that rough, horrible, first of many, draft that has been gnawing at me for years and years.

2) Update my progress more and connect with the writing community. I want to write more posts to this blog about books, and make up, and writing. Communicate more with others who are working towards their own writing goals and have a love for reading and beauty!

3) Read at least 4 books a month. (I feel this is the easiest goal to accomplish, because I usually read more books per week but, for the sake of making manageable goals, having room for adjustments is the best way to ensure it gets done).

4) Actually get into shape!!! (I know, everyone and their mother basically says this come January 1st, but seriously, I am in the worst shape ever, to the point where I swear I hear my stomach curse me sometimes).

5) Live every day to these two quotes:

“Comfort, the enemy of progress.” I heard this quote from The Greatest Showman which I recently watched a few weeks ago (I know I am so late and hate myself for it!!). Immediately, I felt that quote. Like deep in my gut. As someone who is anxious and reliant on my comfort zone more than normal, this quote spoke such truth. I want to be braver and work harder beyond my own comfort to be able to achieve everything I want to and more!

“So long as you fight the darkness, you stand in the light.” This wonderful quote is from A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir. I have a sticker of it in one of my journals that I started using for this year. The minute I saw it, I remembered how much I love this quote. How much it applies to so many aspects of my life that I saw in the past year and many I’m sure to see in the coming one. Darkness of self-doubt when it comes to writing, or anger when it comes to life being life, or sadness when it comes to loss and pain. To fight it daily, constantly, always… the light will burn bright.

The next step is working out ways that will help me accomplish these goals. It’s so easy to say I want to be healthier but in what ways will I get there? This is where the manageable and adjustable bit happens!

Some may feel discouraged when it comes to creating goals, because looking back at the year that passed, may leave you feeling more defeated than you thought. The key is to focus on the positive. Much easier said than done, but think of how much you’ve come since the previous year’s progress, and the one before that! Two years ago, I was writing my first draft hating every word. Since then, I learned it is okay to feel that way. It does not have to be perfect; it does not have to be seen by anyone at all! I brainstormed more and more until I got my story where it needed to be, read more and saw more that shaped my voice, and now I am determined and ready to write this book!

I have high hopes for this year for all those who have fire in their hearts and steel in their eyes.


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a beautiful closing to the chapter that was 2019.

Here’s to the year ahead, full of trials and errors, and gratefulness!

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