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January ‘Moon & Stars’ FairyLoot Unboxing

I can safely, and with all the confidence in the world, say that FairyLoot is the best and my number 1 book box subscription recommendation for anyone who is obsessed with YA and Fantasy/Sci-Fi.

For those of you who don’t know, book box subscriptions are boxes that contain a book (obviously) and bookish bits and bobs that accompany the book from candles to stationary to jewelry. There are various themed ones for different genres that have different items in them, but all of them contain at least 1 book alongside the special items. FairyLoot is one geared towards YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi lovers and have special bits ranging from home decor to food!

I bought my first FairyLoot box about three years ago, when I subscribed to their three month box subscription plan. I was instantly wowed and ecstatic when the boxes arrived at my doorstep… literally was waiting up for them as soon as I got the notification that they were shipped. Once my subscription ended, I planned on renewing it, but never managed to get to it.

Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with the night sky. The moon and stars and planets and the life beyond. So when ‘Moon & Stars’ was announced as the theme for January, I knew I had to get my hands on this box! In case you are interested in getting one of these boxes, and I seriously encourage you to if you love YA books, I thought to do a little unboxing so everyone can see what kind of things are in here and whether it is worth the money or not.

So here it is, a full unboxing of all the things in January 2020’s Fairyloot box.

Note: this is not sponsered at all. I bought the box with my own money and opinions are my own (:

  • A ‘Moon Phases Necklace’ designed by @novertantale.

This is such a lovely piece, long and large enough to wear as a statement necklace. I absolutely adore the style, the colours, and the design.

  • Starry Fairy Lights

No one can ever go wrong with putting fairy lights in a book subscription box. These glorious lights are in the shape of stars and could be used for literally anywhere in your house and still give a magical air and feel to the place.

  • Moon Trinket Tray

I honestly think this was one of the things I was most excited for in the entire box. It is a beautiful, gold tray to place all your jewelry in. When moving it against the light, it has this gorgeous rainbow iridescent effect to it that shines so bright, like the moon! It will go lovely on my bedside table to hold my earrings and necklaces.

  • Illuminae Star Notebook + Moon & Stars Paper Clips

I am a sucker for stationary. Any and all of it, I completely and utterly love! This was no different. The notebook is the cutest from the starry design on the front cover, to the quote that had me melting, to the size of it that is perfect for sticking in your bag or keeping on your bedside table – next to your moon tray! I cannot wait to start writing some of my WIP ideas in there. Also – it made me really want to read the book that quote is from!

Not gonna lie, I may love the paperclips a little more than the notebook only because they are insanely useful if you are someone who writes down your ideas for books, or journals, or writes out to do lists. I constantly find myself dog-earring the notebook so I don’t lose the page I need, but these are handy and will save me from flipping endlessly through my notebook for that one page I want. Also, they are sooo cute! (Note, I am that horrible person that randomly flips to a blank page in a notebook to write an idea down instead of just going in order. Safe to say that paper clips have become my essential in life).

  • Dreamy Moon Pillow Case

In one of my previous FairyLoot boxes, I got a pillow case as well inspired by Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas with an amazing quote on the front of it from the books. That one was great quality, cotton, thick and easy to fill or use as a cover for one of the pillows I already had. The Dreamy Moon one that came in this current box isn’t like that as much. While the design is stunning, and the quote is my new mantra, the quality of the pillow case felt a little cheap. It is a nylon fabric that I feel won’t be super comfortable to lie on, however it looks amazing. This was probably my least favourite in the bunch, if only because of the quality.

  • A Glow in the Dark Dragon Keychain

According to the little card given with the box, this keychain was inspired by ‘Even the Darkest Stars’ by Heather Fawcett. I have yet to read that book, but it is definitely going on my list now. I literally squealed when I saw this keychain. It was the cutest thing ever, with it’s little horns and wings. As soon as I finished taking the picture above, I went ahead and put all my keys on it. The designer @dustandpages did an amazing job!

  • Two Tarot Cards

These are sensationally illustrated by @gabriella.nujdoso! They are inspired by one of my fav series ‘An Ember in the Ashes’. I am not even exaggerating, I stared at them for 5 minutes when I first saw them. I’m taping them up right by my desk so I can stare at them in awe instead of working :p

  • Featured Book: Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibanez

This is the book featured in the box for the month of January. Unsurprisingly, this book was on my to-buy and to-read list. The artwork for the cover is exclusive to FairyLoot so this cover won’t be sold in stores, and I know I overused this word in this post but it is GORGEOUS! The inside of the cover jacket is even more beautiful and it was all done by the author herself according to FairyLoot!

The book is a stand-alone that follows the story of a girl with a rare powerful magic as she embarks on a journey to save the freakin world… basically a book of my heart. It is inspired by Bolivian history and has an epic romance I cannot wait to sink my soul into.

It came in a sturdy black book sac with the FairyLoot logo on front that is reusable for all book sizes and both hard and paperback covers. It was signed by the author, came with a letter from the author, as well as some super cute stickers on theme with the book and the front cover art.

And that is all!

I truly love FairyLoot and the people behind it. I have never had the pleasure of meeting them, but hope to one day. From placing the order to receiving it, it has been nothing but a smooth procedure. They not only have such an eye for detail and know exactly what to include in these boxes but have shined a light on so many talented people who’s artwork and pieces were featured in this box.

I, seriously and highly, recommend this to anyone who is looking to treat themselves or a loved one to some exciting stories and enchanting special items.

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