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Writing Update: Quarantine Routine

March 30th, 2020

10:00 a.m

It’s Monday! It’s my birthday!! But mostly, it’s been a crazy couple of months into 2020 thus far!

I’ve come to the realization that everything is perspective and perspective is everything. While these times are stress-filled and anxiety inducing, there are so many things to be thankful for, and more-so to be doing than obsessing over the worst-case scenario.

That being said, ever since I realized how much I love to write, I’ve wanted to be a full-time author. Truly the only thing that’s ever helped during tough times was story-telling and reading. And now as I’ve found myself stuck inside for days on end, I have decided to shelf being anxious and try to be more productive.

As much as I wish the circumstances were different, in a way I get to live out my dream of being a writer full-time, at least until this is all over. So, I’ve taken to living each day as if writing is my job. I am thrilled with the thought so much so that I’m too excited to sleep at night and jittery the next day to just get my hands on the keyboard.

A Writing Day:

I usually try to start my day between 6am-7am. Yes, I am that crazy morning person that jumps straight out of bed, ready to begin the day.

I really recommend starting off the day with good thoughts and trying to put your mind into a place where it feels like it could thrive. For me, I’ve taken to spending 15 minutes in the morning to pray, journal, or just reflect. Some days it is much harder to reflect because of the way I am feeling, but others it is a nice reminder of who I am and who I wish to become. Either way, meditating and practicing my breathing gets me in the perfect mood for the rest of the day.

After that, I begrudgingly attempt to work out. This is a new recent thing I’ve been doing in trying to keep my resolution of being healthy. I kinda love it but find myself dreading it – I just love to eat and sit around, so moving is so new for me. It is definitely a mind booster and since doing so, I have found that I feel more creative and productive throughout the day.

I usually look like this when I am working out:

Picture is courtesy of Pinterest

And then proceeding to scarf down this:

Picture is courtesy of Pintrest

And drinking about fifteen cups of this:

Picture is courtesy of Pinterest

At around 9:30/10a.m I am sitting in my chair, ready to work.

For me personally, I need to get into the mindset of my characters, of the world, of the entire plot. So, I begin with putting on the music that inspired some of the previous scenes I wrote, and reading through what I’ve written. This allows me to figure out and see so many little hints, errors, and where my character is headed next. Here, I DO NOT erase or edited anything out (besides making the grammar or spelling corrections). It is super hard for me not to scrap the parts I do not like, but it must not be done at this stage. If I feel terrible that morning or like the Writing Spirits are hating me, I remind myself of this

The amazing Khaled Hosseini said this on Jamesclear.com about his writing routine/mindset.

I don’t plot or outline before I start either so this advice hits right on. If on that morning, I need more motivation or inspiration, I’ll log onto Pinterest and take a look at the board I created for the book. I highly recommend doing this if you are someone that is visual!

I, then proceed to write. Some days it is good, some it is bad. But usually, words are hitting the page so it is more than I could ask for.

The writing session is split up into 30 minute intervals. I found that for me personally, it works best to divide up my time. 30 minutes of writing, followed by 10 minutes of break (I usually work on the blog or get somethings crossed of the day’s to do list during these 10 mins), then back to writing for another 30 mins. This allows for me to stay in the chair despite the terrors of self-doubt or distractions or anything else. Sometimes those thirty mins are hell, and sometimes they are amazing and I can keep going for another thirty.

Around 3pm/4pm, I kind of wrap up whatever it is I am writing for that session and move on to doing whatever else is on my to-do list, eating, catching up with family, reading, and then chilling with my hubs. We usually watch a movie or T.V Show. Currently, I have been marathoning all the Star Wars films for the first time – yes I know, so freaking late! Please don’t attack me! I do love it though and have found myself completely deep in theories and mythology that inspired and came from the franchise!

Whether it was a bad writing session or a good, I try to sneak one more 30 minute session before bed. As I am drafting the first draft, I feel that any chance I have, I need to be laying out the base of this story as fast as I can so I can begin to shape it into what it’s meant to be. And because writing puts me in such a good place, writing before bed usually helps me think and fall asleep to new ideas and better understanding of the world and my main character.

So far, this routine has worked really well for me. I found myself not thinking about anything other than my book, it’s story, and truly bettering myself in all the ways I can.

I would love to know what everyone’s writing and/or quarantine routine looks like? Is there anything that I should be implementing into my own? What is everyone bing-watching?

💕I hope everyone is continuing to practice social-isolating and following the advice of professionals and experts! Be safe 💕


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