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Cheeky Peachy Stationary Haul

I’m sure by now anyone who has read at least half of one of my posts knows how insanely addicted I am to stationary! I believe no one can have too many notebooks, pens, pouches, organizational calendars, or to-do list pads. Not being able to go out and visit my home away from home, Chapter’s Indigo (the bookstore chain in Canada), has left me in dire need of some comfort. So I made a cheeky little order of all their new and cute spring stationary bits that can give me that little piece of joy that comes from visiting Chapters but also keep me organized while I continue to be as productive as I can during these insane times. Also – for every cute you read, drink water (I promise you’ll meet your water drinking goal by the end of this) 😛

Note: Every item was purchased with my own money and not affiliated/sponsored.

Currently Chapter’s Indigo has an array of spring-themed pieces, however the Georgia Peach selection won me over immediately. I managed to get my hands on the Georgia Peach Stationary Gift Set Pouch containing a to-do list pad, a cute pen, keychain, paperclips and vegan leather pouch. The to-do list has a good chunk of pages, and the pen glides like a charm. The paperclips are the cutest with bright colours and tassels on the edges. The pouch feels sturdy and able to contain a handful pens, lipglosses, or even used as a wallet. The other pouch I picked up was the Georgia Peach Large Dome Pouch which again is very cute, very sturdy, and will hold a good chunk of stuff. I am more leaning towards using it to hold make-up or skincare products.

The next things I picked up are by far going to be my most used and the ones I am most excited for. The Georgia Peach Monthly and Daily Pad is an essential for me to keep up to date with all my projects, work bits, and personal days. I especially love the Daily Pad to help me organize each day ensuring that I manage my time to get all the things I want done. If you are a massive lover of stationary, but more so someone who needs to write down their daily to dos or goals in order to get shit done… this is for you!

Notebooks are piling up in every corner of my house – to the point where my hubs who likes to keep mental notes of things has taken to using my notebooks 😂! I picked up a set of three notebooks and a refillable journal as a writer can never have too many! I find that I am always using notebooks whether to write out new ideas, keep notes on revisions, or just write out my thoughts in general. The sweetest patterns are on the three set notebooks, especially the one that says ‘Peach Please’! Almost squealed at how cute they were on the website, and were even cuter when they arrived! And yes – the hubs stole one of them to use as his own!

Finally, the Georgia Peach Charm Topper Pen was just the cutest thing I have ever seen. It’s honestly your average pen, but it just looks adorable, I couldn’t resist!


Georgia Peach Stationary Gift Set Pouch:

Georgia Peach Charm Topper Pen:

Georgia Peach Large Dome Pouch:

Set of Three Notebooks:

Georgia Peach Monthly and Daily Pad:

Refillable Journal:

If there are any stationary fanatics out there, please let me know some of your favourite places to shop all things notebooks!! Which of these pieces would you most likely get?

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