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My Love/Hate Relationship with E-Books

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is doing well!!

It’s been a fairly uneventful couple of days as I’ve found myself diving into a semi-decent routine (the same routine I blogged about a few days ago). More recently, I have been investing more of my time tackling my massive TBR list/pile and reading the books I have been wanting to sink my teeth into for years now.

To give a bit of context, I live and breath for that minute you walk into a bookstore, and you are hit with the smell of paper, and coffee, and what I believe is pure happiness. Where you are ruffling through the pages, feeling the softness of the printed words, exploring the different selections before deciding on the one – or in my case 20, that I want to get. That moment is so beautiful to me and something I have been missing so much right now. It’s more of bummer because some of the books I am really looking forward to reading, I haven’t purchased yet.

With all my love for the physical copies of books, I feel like I am betraying my safe place by purchasing an e-reader. It’s not like I haven’t read e-books before, but just actually using an e-reader feels like cheating. Buuut, I have come to the conclusion that currently life is having a moment where it’s harder to purchase the physical copies of books by going to book stores, so I’ve been left to purchase the e-versions. I usually download books from the Apple Books App and read them on my phone, but I’ve found that maybe it was time to invest in an actual e-reader. This decision was really really hard for me to make, as again, I absolutely love the physical copy of books. However, e-books do have their own perks, and e-readers are a lot easier and more convenient to read with.

So… I made the plunge and got a Kindle!

Currently reading A Darker Shade of Magic Series by V. E Schwab! So excited to finally meet these characters I’ve been hearing about for a while!

I did an intense amount of research before deciding to go with the Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader. So, if anyone else is struggling, here is what I love about it and why I ended up choosing it as my e-reader. Also – of course I would treat this decision like my whole life is depending on it when it completely isn’t… my love of books runs so deep within me 😂

Again – completely not sponsored at all. I just wanted to review the Kindle I got and help anyone else wanting to make the plunge with purchasing a Kindle.

1. It has the ability to carry thousands of books! This is amazing for traveling whether it be out of the country or commuting to work, you can have options for what book you want to read.

2. It’s waterproof – meaning I can take it into the bath with me without fearing I’ll get the pages wet or ruining it. Of course, don’t aim to drop it in a tub of water, but it is waterproof in the sense that a drop or two won’t ruin it.

3. It has Wi-Fi! I feel like that is enough said.

4. Battery life can last up to six weeks after fully charged – this is my ultimate dream as I am known as the one running around the house trying to find my charger at 1%.

5. Light-weight… feels like you’re holding nothing at all, even for prolonged periods of reading, you really don’t feel it or the cramping of your hands/fingers!

6. E-books are cheaper (sometimes half the price of the physical copy)!


There is one thing I am not a HUGE fan of, but it’s not too big of a deal-breaker for me. The cover art of books are in black and white, as is the whole library where you’d purchase books from. It’s kind of cool, as it helps you not judge a book by the cover – we all do it, sadly – but it’s also taking away from those covers that are so beautiful and worked hard on. I still recommend buying the actual book if you can, but an e-reader isn’t as bad as I’ve always thought it was.

I have had it for a week now and cannot part with it at all! I can go on the internet, it has a wide variety and range of books to choose from, and I found I actually finish books a lot quicker. It is also so comfortable to hold while in bed, which is a big thing for me as that is where I do majority of my reading!

Let me know if you’ve used a Kindle before and whether you’re happy with it or not? I am so excited to tick things off my TBR list/pile! What is everyone currently reading?

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