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Writing Update: Drafting, Drafting, Drafting

July 6th 2020

8:15 a.m.

Happy Monday!

It feels so odd to be writing this as I have not been on this blog in a good while. After my last post, I felt I needed to take some time off of writing blog posts for a while. Like almost everyone else, I wanted to amplify other deserving voices, educate myself on the discriminations and injustice that occurs beyond what I experience, and finally… I wanted to focus solely on writing this first book of my dreams and nightmares.

Not going to lie, I missed writing these lil updates. It’s been so enlightening to actually go back and see where I was almost a year ago and how far the book has come. It has so much more to go and A HELL OF A LOT to shape up before it’s even ready to be read by beta readers, but the journey has been everything and more. Through all the ups and downs of life, this book has been grounding me in a way that my depression and anxiety have actually thanked me for… and those bitches don’t thank me for anything πŸ˜›

Since the end of April, I have been focused on finishing the horrid first draft. Between all of life, and the pandemic, and the horrible things happening in our world, I have been trying to focus on some positive. It’s been a tough summer thus far, but I have found that diving into a passion and setting deadlines has caused me to be more determined and accountable. My goal to finish drafting is July 31st. I have all the confidence that I will be able to finish drafting by then, but also I have all the confidence that the first draft will be garbage lol. BUT, it doesn’t matter. As long as it gets done, because we can’t edit what isn’t there.

If anyone has or is in the process of drafting their first draft for the first book they are writing ever (to be actually published in a traditional or self-publication sense), then please give me some insight, but I have found drafting to be a unique and draining process. I went into it believing that it will be easier to navigate the further you get along in the writing, but I found that it didn’t matter how far along I was in the story it was a mix of things being harder or easier than others. As someone who doesn’t really outline intensely, if at all, I had a feeling I would possibly stop every now and then and flesh out some details but the amount of times it’s happened even during chapters where I felt like I knew exactly what would go on was surprising. Honestly, it was actually the most exciting part for me. Diving into the story further at a specific point after knowing all thats happened before, helped shape some of the big moments, interactions, and pay-off scenes.

All this to say, I am still in the drafting stage. And I am enjoying it more and more as I go on. And there are days when it sucks ass but that’s when you push harder.

I hope anyone else working tirelessly on their book will be reaping the joys and proudness that comes from completing a goal! I hope to be there too in a few short weeks *fingers crossed*!

I am happy to say I am back on this blog hoping to be more active in gushing about all my favourite books and bookish things, beauty and empowerment, and all the ups and downs of writing.

Since I have been away for a while, I decided to do a classic round up!

What I’ve Been Up To:

Reading: Forest of Souls by Lori M. Lee, A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne A. Brown, and finishing up A Conjuring of Light by V .E Schwab.

Watching: I have been obsessed with Modern Family watching it for the first time ever, and dashing through it (currently on season 6). I actually have developed a love for this show in a way that will always bring me some happiness and joy whenever I see second of it as I started watching it during a more difficult week last month.

ALEXANDER HAMILTON! OMG! It came out a few days ago and obviously I rushed to watch it all and belt out all the songs. I have been listening to the soundtrack since it was released and now re-listening to it makes me want to cry… I do realize the problematic issues that came from the people the musical is about, however I am simply here for the outstanding acting, lyrics, and Leslie Odom Jr. 😍

Doing: DRAFTING, DRAFTING, DRAFTING, and adult colouring! As I mentioned the last couple of months have been a little more difficult than usual, but when all my energy is spent writing, I have found colouring to be a calming and relaxing way to unwind and just stop thinking. I actually find myself spending hours just focusing on my colour choices, and filling in the intricate and beautiful page that I don’t think about anything. At all. Which for someone like me where my brain is constantly moving and creating all the worst case scenarios you can possibly imagine… is refreshing. I highly recommend trying out adult colouring, and if not that than something that you can do to help you control whatever it is that’s bothering you, even for a little bit.

Oh and I have been trying to take more advantage of the summer while social distancing. Strawberry picking and going BBQing at the now open parks has brought the sunshine into my life a little more (AND a gorgeous rainbow) when I am not enthralled in the writing cave.

I am wishing everyone an amazing week and I hope you all accomplish whatever it is you set out to do! How’s the summer been for you so far? I can’t wait to write and upload more posts soon! πŸ’•

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