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Bookish Brands I Absolutely Love + Two Years of Blogging Giveaway

As an ultimate and avid book lover and reader, being an obsessive fangirl kinda comes along with that package. At first, I would hide my obsessions from people because I really thought they would think I’m crazy for being so invested in a book or character, but after a while, I said screw ’em. I love that I love books and bookish things so fiercely. I love having book inspired candles, attire, house decor, and posters littered across my house. And here are some brands that help make a fangirl’s dreams come true!!

Note: I am not sponsored at all by any of these brand… although I would have no trouble and would actually LOVE to endorse them because they are truly so fabulous!

Also be sure to read until the end of this post as I am doing a Giveaway!!

The Sunny Tea Cup

Photo taken from The Sunny Tea Cup

If you love to have a cup of tea while you’re reading, why not have a cup of tea related to the book you’re reading?

The Sunny Tea Cup offers bags of loose leaf tea based on some amazing books and their characters. They somehow captures exactly how I think the teas in the worlds of these books would taste. They also smell soooo good.

The tea is fresh, unique, and lasts a long time if properly stored.

Highly recommend this shop if you love tea and books!

Possum Wicks

Photo taken from Possum Wicks

Now I love candles as it is, but bookish candles???? Yes please!!!

Possum Wicks is actually one of two bookish candle shops I am going to recommend.

I don’t know how they do it, but they make the candle smell exactly as the character or book of that candle. I have so many small ones scattered across my home, mostly on my bookshelf, and they make me smile every time I walk past.

They are soy-based so a lot better than the other types of candles out there, but seriously… these are a book lovers dream. And they have a wide selection of different books and characters.

Wick and Fable

Photo taken from Wick and Fable

This is the other bookish candle small business I highly recommend and love.

They have a slightly wider selection of book candles to choose from but also some TV shows and fantastical themes. Again, I don’t know how they do it but the candles smell exactly as they sound/the character they are based off of. I am so obsessed with this company that I stalk their site at least twice a month hoping for some more new additions I can add to my collections.

They have 2 great sizes to choose from. The candles are also soy-based and organic tea based which is so much better for you and your home while still carrying the scent to every room.

Stella Bookish Art

Photo taken from Stella Bookish Art

I think Stella’s stuff is by far one of my ultimate favourite bookish inspired house decor.

She has prints, posters, bedding, pillows, mugs, tapestries, and pretty much everything you can think of! The quality is great, the designs are amazing and different from others I’ve seen but still hold true to the essence of the books.

This is definitely the one stop shop for all your bookish needs with many and I mean MANY different styles and books to choose from.

Blissfully Bookish


Photo taken from Blissfully Bookish

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blissfully Bookish!

I absolutely adore the entire concept of their page. They have the best selection of bookish attire with so many different books and quotes to choose from. Their designs are so universal but also so unique that you will for sure find something that works best for you.

I also love that it is also a bookish blog. It makes me so happy to support and surround myself with people who not only share the same interests and love of books as me but can stand by what they sell and showcase.

The quality of the shirts are so nice and they have an inclusive size selection.

Every single brand here is truly so amazing. I have yet to receive anything horrible or have any sort of bad service with them. I love to support local businesses but overall supporting small businesses are just as important especially when they make such great products that speak to my bookish heart!

That all being said…. to celebrate my TWO YEARS OF BLOGGING!!! WHAT??!

I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the fact that I have been doing this for two years! It has brought me so much joy and has helped me connect with such amazing people!

So.. the giveaway..

As a thank you for reading and putting up with me and this blog, I would love to send one of you a candle from Wicks and Fable and a print from Stella Bookish Art.

If you would like to enter the giveaway, follow my instagram @realmofbookishbeauty and leave a comment on this post about the best book you read this year!

The giveaway ends Dec 24th!

Thank you again for a wonderful year! I cannot wait for the next one!

Let me know which of these shops you are drawn to the most or if you’ve purchased anything from any of these shops!



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