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Autumn Reading Essentials

Now you know I love a themed/season-curated blog post, so I couldn’t just give you a normal reading essentials list, but an autumnal one. Because Autumn is the best and the coziest reading essentials will not be the same if not specified that they are autumn-esque… ofc!

These are some of my must-have items that make the reading experience so much better and gives me all the cosy vibes.

1. Fall Candle

This one is a must for me. I love to create the coziest mood when reading and candles do just that. Especially the scents that come out around this time are rich, warm, and just the amazing!

2. Cozy Blanket

Another must! Especially reading well into the night and you need to snuggle something while reading that heart-wrenching scene.

3. Book Light

This one was a life saver for me catching up on my TBR at night. It is the cutest bookish accessory and comes in a variety of colors and patterns to match whatever mood you’re in, and some even have different light settings to help set the best vibes.

4. Autumn-themed Mug

I love a seasonal/themed mug to match the current atmosphere. My pumpkin one has gotten the most use this year but I definitely am guilty of picking up a mug every season… they are just too cute!

5. Pumpkin-spiced Teas/Coffees + Hot Chocolates

To go along with the mugs, you obviously need something nice and warm to drink. My ultimate fav is the Pumpkin Spice Chai tea by Tazo!

6. Cozy Cushions

Now if you like coziness, then this one is a given. I couldn’t wait to go to Homesense and find some new autumnal cushions to add to my collections to rest on while flipping through the pages!

7. Reading Socks

I found out about these like 2 years ago and wondered how on earth I didn’t know about them sooner. These are wonderful for the cooler months and I can’t live without mine now!

Some of the softest ones are from Amazon: Cozy Socks

8. Book Sleeve

I think this one is the most practical reading essential you can have. When going from place to place, to keep your book in great condition, a book sleeve is the way to go.

Some of my favourites can be found here: Cozy Booksleeves

They have a ton of different styles, even some illustrated with your fav characters and bookish worlds.

When combined, all the things above create the perfect reading environment that is cozy, autumnal, and inviting to tackle that book on your TBR or a new release you’ve been dying to get your hands on!

But to be honest, reading anywhere, with or without ‘reading essentials’ is what getting lost in a story is about.

If you have any essentials to add on to the list, please let me know! I am always looking for new book gaudiest or comfy things to add to my reading essentials.



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