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Book Review – The Wedding Crasher by Mia Sosa

I may have found the cutest, funniest, and pretty steamy fake dating romance novel of the summer.

BookTok did not disappoint in their recommendation yet again!

It was a quick read, which was lovely especially if you are away on holiday or wanting a break from the hefty fantasy novels that leave you in a book slump. From the plot to the characters, this book made me laugh out loud, squeal, and put the book down flushed at the romance happening before me.

The part I most enjoyed I would say is definitely the diversity in cultures and experiences that were woven throughout the entire book giving it a realness feeling.

Seriously, they need to make this one a rom-com movie or tv show!

Note: This is a non-spoilery review.

The Story:

The book opens up on the wedding day of Dean Chapman, a lawyer who has mapped out his entire life to his version of perfection. The plan includes him marrying a woman who he thinks would be a perfect other half for what he calls a power couple. I really enjoyed reading about how ambitious he is and strategical, but it definitely was a pure male thing. Very matter of fact and to the point and no emotion attached to it.

His plan suffer at the hands of Solange Pereira who crashes his wedding after hearing his bride-to-be confess her love to someone else. Solange is a romantic at heart, trying to find her way as she navigates some past traumas and her career. Seeing her struggles in comparison to Dean was enlightening to the way men and women are perceived in their chosen career paths and how easily things are for men vs women.

In an effort to make up for ruining his wedding and breaking up the couple, Solange accepts Dean’s deal to fake date so he can impress his boss. However, Solange was not expecting to complicate her life even more, especially now that the connection between her and Dean is drifting farther away from fake.

Plot wise – perfect fluff and to be expected. I loved the few surprising scenes that made my mouth drop but most of the plot was one-toned and very what you would expect from a fake dating trope-based story.

The Characters:

Solange Pereira: Solange was a great character to read. She was funny, self-assured, soooo relatable and predictable but in a comforting way. I found myself empathizing with her a lot and recalling similar feelings to some of the things she experienced. I think her ‘realness’ when it came to her family and friends was so evident and a good contrast to the lie she basically had to live with the ‘fake dating’ story.

Dean Chapman: I am so sad to say that I did not like Dean as much as I wanted to. He was nice to read about most of the time but he did have a few traits that gave me pause. I think that’s a great thing though, I love when an author is able to make me question or even dislike a character. With Dean, while he was very encouraging with Solange and a lot of their relationship was based off mutual consent and respect which is always an amazing thing to read, I also found that he was a bit dull in comparison. That could be the point though…

Overall Thoughts:

The Wedding Crasher was truly a fun and quick read.

I had a great time learning the characters and the world and going on the dates with Dean and Solange that made me crack up laughing each time.

Would highly recommend if fake dating tropes are your thing and if you want that fluff cute summer read!

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts??

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