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I think this is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to write.

There is so much I could say about all the exciting things to do and come with a brand new, fresh blog. Though, nothing would compare to the fact that the purpose of this blog besides being able to have fun and enjoy all the things I love, is to connect with people. Whether it be like-minded or not, the idea of connecting with other aspiring authors, published authors, book lovers, and make-up fanatics is the real goal of this blog.

So, to try and explain this blog is difficult. It can seem random, but mostly it is just a plethora of all my favorite things. The sides of me that are both the adventure and fantasy loving nerd and the Sephora-is-the-reason-I-am-broke side.

But, I think what I can promise is that it will be filled with all the positive and encouraging parts of beauty and literature. The type of motivation needed to keep writing that manuscript, the inspiration found through reading amazing books by even more amazing authors, and encouragement for taking care of yourself both inside and out. It will be a place to go to when everything else is getting too much. And maybe, just maybe, someone could understand, at least, a tiny piece of you!

I hope so anyway (:

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